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Friday, December 14, 2012

Garrett Hedlund to return for another Tron film

People are acting like this is a "duh" story and I'm not so sure it is. Basically, Garrett Hedlund confirmed during a press junket that he will be returning as Sam Flynn in a third Tron film (aka, the followup to Tron: Legacy).

Casting for this movie was speculated after Disney changed the writers for the film and websites are all, they aren't in the habit of recasting the lead roles etc.. I have seen numerous main characters recast when it wasn't necessary and/or when it made absolutely no sense. I wasn't all that sure that Hedlund was going to return or if they were going to make another Tron movie to begin with. So to everyone acting like this is a "no duh, lol" moment... get over yourselves. This is Hollywood. Remember that.

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