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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Sound of My Voice - Review

Sound of My Voice follows Lorna and Peter, a couple making a documentary about cults. In order to provide first hand experience to their film they become involved with a cult led by a young woman who claims to be from the year 2054.

Let me start off by saying this movie sucked me in very quickly and kept me pulled in so much that I watched half of the end credits to see if there would be more. With that said, Sound of My Voice is a great film. It is what movies should be. It is a series of events that come together but at the same time it leaves you with a sense of wonder. You think you know what is going to happen but then it flips the cards over and you don't know what to think. I absolutely loved it.

I really loved the characterization of this film. They do brief backgrounds of Lorna and Peter to give a sense of why they are the way they are. Peter was raised by his grandparents after his mother rejected modern medicine and died of cancer on his 13th birthday. Peter makes a living as a school teacher. Lorna was the child of Hollywood society members and grew up addicted to drugs and became an alcoholic, but shaped up as an adult and is now a healthy Vegan. I thought the backgrounds were helpful in understanding how the cult leader, Maggie, handled them and was able to weed out their strengths and weaknesses.
Maggie's given background is a woman who awakens underwater in a bathtub and winds up homeless on the streets with no memory of who she is or how she got there. She is discovered by an older man who then takes her in and cares for her. Maggie was one of the most interesting and addicting characters I have seen in a very long time. I wasn't as invested in the scenes between Lorna and Peter as I was whenever Maggie was present. They did a great job with her.

Aside from the great characters, the plot does leave numerous questions that are left unanswered and leave you wondering why they even introduced it. However, I think that added to the mystery of the cult and leaves you wondering exactly what some of the characters were at the end... who is Maggie?

I don't want to give anything away, but if you want a great mindfuck mystery I would suggest watching Sound of My Voice. It is a little short as it doesn't even reach 90min, but it is worth the watch. I really enjoyed it.

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