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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Damon Lindelof leaves Twitter

Have the internet haters actually accomplished something?

TV veteran writer Damon Lindelof, mostly known for penning the J.J. Abrams show Lost, has abruptly left Twitter and deleted his account. The scribe has come under fire in recent years not only for his atrocious ending to Lost, but basic failures at the box office and with fans including Prometheus, Cowboys & Aliens, and World War Z.
Lindelof's Twitter had recently been flooded with "haters" and detractors after the series finale of Breaking Bad. Some users going far enough to tell Lindelof to take notes from the finale so he can write a decent screenplay. After his Twitter was deactivated people came out in pretty decent numbers to still mock and taunt Lindelof. One reader went to Bitter Script and tweeted, "THAT'S how @DamonLindelof ends his run on Twitter? Gotta say, I'm underwhelmed and angry. I bet he didn't have that planned from the start."
People are fairly shocked that Lindelof left Twitter. He was funny, generous with replies, and fed a lot of the trolling himself. However, he was an easy target and apparently he knew it. He also acknowledged the disappointment viewers had with Lost once tweeting, "In related news, my therapist just hit the jackpot."

I think this is hilarious. I personally find Lindelof overrated and overused and if he can't take the heat he needs to get out of the kitchen. All the guy had going for him was Lost and he pissed off the entire fanbase with the finale.

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