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Monday, October 21, 2013

Ben Whishaw eyed for Freddie Mercury biopic

After the departure of Sacha Baron Cohen in the planned Freddie Mercury biopic the question has been who will step in and play Mercury. Well, Queen drummer Roger Taylor gave some insight on who the band wants to star in the movie.

Taylor stated that the band is hoping that 33-year old Ben Whishaw will step in and play Freddie Mercury. Whishaw previously played Q in Skyfall and had a role in Cloud Atlas. If he is cast he will be replacing Sacha Baron Cohen who departed in July due to creative differences with the band. Word was that Queen wanted to make the movie a PG-rated, family friendly movie and Cohen didn't see it that way. However, the band tells a different story claiming they felt Cohen would distract viewers from the movie due to the fact that his performances are so unique to him.

I still just don't want this to happen. I hope the whole project bombs out.

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