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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Gravity - Review

After a Russian satellite is destroyed, two surviving members of an American space crew drift into space as they struggle to make it back to earth in Gravity.

I didn't know much about Gravity until just recently. The only thing I knew was that Natalie Portman had been attached at one time but either dropped out or wasn't officially cast. I got interested after seeing the first previews surfaced and I finally did get to see it today. All I can say is I sense some Oscars coming their way.

I liked just about everything about this movie. It had great effects (repeat, great effects), amazing sound design, and great acting. I was a bit concerned about watching a movie that only had two actors in it, but it worked great. Sandra Bullock knocked it out of the park and George Clooney was a great support for her.
The only thing I would have loved is if the movie was a little bit longer. Because it was only 94 minutes there was a lot that could have been expanded on that wasn't. For example, the mission itself. You get that the mission was to put some new software on the Hubble Telescope but that was it. You don't really get why Sandra Bullock's character was hired by NASA, you don't really learn what kind of doctor she was, etc.. You also don't find out a whole lot about Clooney's character except for the fact that this was going to be his last mission before retirement.

But despite the minor issues with the plot I did like Gravity a lot. It was played out very smoothly and was very high anxiety for the audience. It kept me interested and stressed. Well done.

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