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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Curse of Chucky - Review

Curse of Chucky reunites us with the famous, possessed Good Guy doll as he unleashes mayhem onto a new family.

I saw a preview for Curse of Chucky a couple months back and figured I would watch it just because I have seen all the Child's Play movies. I wasn't expecting it to be good and I wouldn't say this movie was necessarily good, but it was enjoyable.

Beware, this will contain spoilers.

The characters were fairly weak and you didn't really learn who they were until the movie was toward the end and the acting wasn't great either, but it fit with a typical direct-to-dvd horror movie. I recognized Fiona Dourif because she was in True Blood for a while. It's always nice to have Brad Dourif back, too. Although he was seen more as a human in this movie than the voice of Chucky.

I did fairly enjoy this movie because it was hilarious and entertaining (for me), but there were things that I didn't like.

1. The whole thing with Charles Lee Ray being obsessed with the daughters' mom and that's the reason he was killed in the toy store... dumbest thing ever. I re-watched Child's Play and it doesn't make sense. That means someone was friends with a serial killer.
2. I didn't like the whole lesbian storyline between the mom and the nanny. I thought that was stupid.
3. The new CGI, animated Chucky doll was weird looking. It took away from the classic doll movements seen in the previous movies.
4. The husband was an idiot.
5. The police officer that bites it in the end had practically no relevance at all and was hardly seen.

However, I do have to admit that I loved when Jennifer Tilly showed up again. I wasn't expecting it, although I should have, but that surprised me pretty good. The reveal that Tiffany was back in her own body sending Chucky off to new families was great.

Overall not the best movie, obviously, but it was enjoyable. I would probably watch it again if I was bored enough.

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