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Monday, October 28, 2013

Fifty Shades of Grey production delayed

Surprise, surprise.

It has been announced that Focus/Universal have made the decision to delay production on Fifty Shades of Grey by a little over one month. Now instead of starting on November 1st, filming will not start until an unnamed date in December if not later. This comes after Jamie Dornan was cast in replacement of Charlie Hunnam as Christian Grey. Delaying the start of production could mean the film will not make the August 1, 2014 release date.

This doesn't come as a shock to me. My personal theory is the fact that no one wants to be in this movie is holding it back. So far several actors have passed on the supporting roles and the only supporting characters to be cast is Christian's brother Elliot (Luke Grimes) and Anastasia's mom Carla (Jennifer Ehle). There are still a lot of characters that need actors. Here are just a few:

Jose Rodriguez (Ana's friend)
Kate Kavanagh (Ana's roommate)
Ethan Kavanagh (Kate's brother)
Carrick and Grace Grey (Christian's parents)
Mia Grey (Christian's sister)
Dr. Flynn (Christian's psychiatrist)
Elena Lincoln (Christian's business partner)
Leila Williams (Christian's ex-submissive)
Jason Taylor (Christian's bodyguard)
Ray Steele (Ana's stepdad)

I think it's pretty unrealistic that they cast all of these characters and more in four days or less and give people adequate time to prepare. It's bad enough Dornan was just cast last week.
I think they should delay this movie anyway because it shares the date with Guardians of the Galaxy. There is no way this movie will beat that at the box office. 

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