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Monday, October 28, 2013

Ridley Scott confirms Prometheus sequel

After the overall disappointment from Prometheus many speculated if the announced sequel was actually going to happen, especially after scribe Damon Lindelof left the project. During a press conference for The Counselor this weekend Ridley Scott decided to open up about Prometheus 2.
Scott confirms that the script is still being written and is indeed still in development. Jack Paglen was hired to try and continue the storyline of The Engineers, David, and Elizabeth Shaw back in June and is apparently still trying to figure things out. However, it is unknown if Noomi Rapace or Michael Fassbender will return for a Prometheus sequel or if the sequel will be forced to fast forward sometime into the future to allow new characters to be introduced. Ridley Scott is on board to produce but isn't sure he will direct.

The way this all sounds I think they should just stop while they are behind. I didn't hate Prometheus but I wasn't a huge fan. I think they showed way too much of the movie in previews, teasers, photos, etc. and it was just a big mess. And despite what they said, it was an Alien prequel. They lied big time on that one. You don't put a Xenomorph at the end of the movie and say it isn't connected to Alien.

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