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Monday, May 21, 2012

Hit-Girl trouble for Kick-Ass 2?

I was excited to hear that Kick-Ass 2 had finally received a green light and was going to actually be made, but I hadn't thought of all the things that go with it. The main thing being the casting. It's all well and good to assume that everyone who should be back would be but I forgot how popular and sought after Chloe Moretz has become since playing Hit-Girl in the first Kick-Ass.

I saw an article on Collider that basically lays it out...

1. Chloe Moretz has signed on to play Carrie in the upcoming remake which begins shooting this August. She has also signed on to play a lead role in an upcoming zombie film titled Maggie. She also is playing a supporting role in a film called The Drummer. This wasn't mentioned in the article, but we also must not forget that she signed on to play Emily the Strange like a year ago so who knows when that is going to start production, if ever.

2. Hit-Girl has a smaller part in the second book but writer Jeff Wadlow expanded the character for the movie script.

In other words, if they want Chloe Moretz to return the production will have to work to accommodate her schedule. In my opinion they can't make this movie without Chloe. She is Hit-Girl and if they tried to be bold enough and recast the role no one would see it, including me.

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