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Monday, May 7, 2012

The Devil's Carnival - Review

So I went to the road show for The Devil's Carnival last night in Denver. The basics of the road show is to attend a screening of the film with "like-minded weirdos" as director Darren Bousman put it. There was a fire performer, a costume contest, and an intro based off the previous Bousman and Zdunich film, Repo! The Genetic Opera, and a Q&A session after the film was screened. The special guests from the film were director Darren Bousman, writer Terrance Zdunich (Lucifer in TDC and also played Graverobber in Repo), Emilie Autumn (Painted Doll), and Marc Senter (Scorpion). There was also an autograph meet & greet after the show but I didn't want to buy anything so I left a little early. The trick, which is genius, is you can't get anything signed or meet the people without buying something TDC related at the merch table. They wouldn't allow anything Repo! The Genetic Opera or Saw themed. I thought that was fair tbh.

If you read this blog you know by now that I have been following this since they announced the project and the 12-minute teaser was released months ago. When I saw the road tour was coming to my city I was excited and bought a ticket so I could see the movie. All the other bells and whistles that came with it weren't really priority on my list. I just wanted to see the movie.
With that said, I thought it was... interesting. It was definitely hellish and full of sinful behavior as they promote and promise with the advertising. The film as a whole was about an hour and has a total of 12 songs including solo songs from Terrance Zdunich, Ivan Moody, Marc Senter, and Emilie Autumn. It is centered around three people who wind up in hell and inevitably, The Devil's Carnival. The three victims are Sean Patrick Flanery, Briana Evigan, and Jessica Lowndes. The songs and the basic course of events are based upon Aesop's Fables and each of the characters has their own path and their own problem; suicide & grief, greed & gluttony, and mistrust & lying. The other characters who were slowly announced over the course of the past months, such as Ogre and Alexa Vega, were all players in the carnival and had dealings with the specific characters. As a whole, for what it is, I thought it was well done. The set design wasn't lacking, the make-up was fantastic, and the songs were well put together. And like everyone on Bloody-Disgusting noticed a while back, this is only chapter one. Bousman said chapter two is completely written and they are close to finishing chapter three. He also said they hope to have chapter one available on DVD within 3-4 months but there wasn't a promise. They are independently funding everything so he said the actual production of DVD's is a big decision when it comes to cost.

 In terms of the road show, I honestly I felt a bit out of place. I am a religious person and as a result didn't participate in all the "HAIL SATAN" chants that were started and the playful catchy tune "666." Why did I go then? Like I said above, I wanted to see the movie. I am a big fan of what Bousman did with the Saw movies and I loved Repo! The Genetic Opera. I didn't get to see the Repo road show so I wanted to attend this one. I don't regret going but I did feel a but out of my element. The flame performer was cool even though he set himself on fire twice and the costume contest was fun. A little girl won the contest last night and got a signed poster. I would say if the road show was coming near you to go see it, but Denver was one of the last stops. Most of the other shows have already happened so maybe next time. It is an experience and you get to see a cool movie that not a lot of other people get to see. They make you promise not to film or take photos during the movie in an attempt to keep it under wraps. If you see someone with a camera out you are instructed to take it from them, delete the file, and give it back after the movie is over. I don't think anyone in Denver got busted but I was too busy watching the movie.

Overall I'd say it was decent and well done. I liked Repo! The Genetic Opera a lot more but I also have to remind myself that Repo was a Lionsgate/Twisted Pictures production. The Devil's Carnival is a full independent film that was filmed in 7 days. You have to take it for what it is.

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