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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Prometheus ad campaign

I just feel the need to say that the ad campaign for Prometheus fucking sucks. The teasers and TV spots and trailers are all so different and I feel like they are giving away too much. Each one boasts about having "new footage" and although they are correct, why is it necessary? You have to leave a little to the viewers' imagination. I was sold with the full trailer I saw back in March. They had me. I have watched some of the viral ads, including the one with Michael Fassbender, and I haven't done anything since. I'm not looking at the new photos or any more of the new teasers. It's too much. I didn't even read the Prometheus spread in this week's Entertainment Weekly in a small attempt to not spoil anything else. They just need to stop. The release date is like 3 weeks away. I can wait.

/random gripe of the day

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