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Friday, May 25, 2012

New footage for Dark Knight Rises to air on MTV Movie Awards

All of us will have the opportunity to see new footage from The Dark Knight Rises in a little over a week. It was announced that the footage will air during the MTV Movie Awards on June 3rd, one week from this upcoming Sunday (May 27th).

I didn't realize the awards were so close already and I realized they air the same night as the season 5 premiere of True Blood on HBO. I want to watch both so I might have to make a decision and/or just record one of them. MTV replays the Movie Awards practically every day for two weeks after the show, but from my experience watching them something always happens on the first telecast that is edited out of the reruns. It's always funnier to watch it "live."
Seeing that there will be footage of The Dark Knight Rises I might just watch True Blood on the rerun that night or on demand the next day. I can wait a little longer for it.

And speaking of not realizing how quick time is seeming to move right now, I was surprised to think I will get to see Snow White and the Huntsman next week. Damn son.

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