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Monday, June 17, 2013

Man of Steel Easter Eggs have surfaced

This obviously has spoilers, so if you haven't seen Man of Steel and keep reading it's your own fault.

Easter Egg time! Here are some little eggs in Man of Steel that you may or may not have caught.

1. LexCorp and Wayne Enterprises logos were present

During the big battle in Metropolis one of the buildings blasted was a LexCorp building and an oil tanker also had the logo. As you should know, this is a nod to Superman's arch nemesis Lex Luthor.
Also, the satellite that Zod and Superman destroy while fighting in space is a Wayne Enterprises piece of equipment. Wayne Enterprises of course is owned by none other than Bruce Wayne (aka, Batman).

2. Supergirl was there... sort of.

When Clark enters the Kryptonian ship in the Arctic he encounters some cryotubes. They show us a mummy-like corpse in one of them, but there is also an empty chamber. Several of us online have speculated that the chamber was inhabited by Kara Zor-El (aka, Supergirl), Clark's Kryptonian cousin. Zack Snyder and David Goyer have declined official comments on it, but they have both said they left several loose ends open on purpose.

3. Star Sapphire

Carol Ferris (aka, the USAF Captain working with the General) is sometimes known as the semi-love interest of Hal Jordan (Green Lantern). She also doubles as the supervillain/superhero Star Sapphire. There is no word on whether the character was brought in just to think Superman is "hot" or whether she will prove to be more relevant.

This isn't all of the eggs floating around the internet, but these are the three I think are the most relevant to the potential future of Man of Steel and/or the impending Justice League movie.

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