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Monday, June 17, 2013

Sony confirms The Amazing Spider-Man 3 & 4

Sony is rolling along with their recent, and rather successful, reboot of Spider-Man. Seeing that The Amazing Spider-Man raked in over $750 million in 2012 and the is sequel currently in production, they have announced the release dates for The Amazing Spider-Man 3 and 4. We will get the third installment on June 10, 2016 and the fourth on May 4, 2018.

The details for each movie are non-existent and the sequel is still being filmed in NYC, so I wouldn't expect any more information for quite sometime. However, certain cast and crew members (specifically Andrew Garfield) have signed multi-year deals so it's pretty obvious that they will be sticking around until 2018. This also pretty much confirms that Sony is clinging onto the rights to Spider-Man, so those wishing for the Spidey cameo in a future Avengers movie can stop holding their breath.

We also have some new characters that are rather important to the Spider-Man story that will be introduced in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 such as Mary Jane Watson (played by Shailene Woodley) and Harry Osborne (played by Dane DeHaan). I have no doubt one or both of them will have a major part in the future Spider-Man movies Sony has just announced. 
My only concern with this is Andrew Garfield's age. He's already 29 and is portraying a 17-year old. By the time 2018 hits he will be pushing 35. That is a bit ridiculous.

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