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Thursday, June 6, 2013

V/H/S/2 - Review

V/H/S/2 is the sequel to 2012's V/H/S where two private investigators searching for a missing student find a series of VHS tapes and find more than they bargained for in regards to the disappearance of the student.

I decided to watch this one mainly because I really enjoyed V/H/S, at least for what it was worth. I thought the format was cool and that a lot of things worked. Although the sequel isn't perfect it did fix a lot of problems the first one had and brought a lot more to the table. I really enjoyed V/H/S/2 and I honestly think it is a little better than the first one.

Starting off with the sequences:

1. A man gets a robotic eye after a car accident and is forced to record everything he sees for trial purposes. He starts having visions of dead people and encounters a fellow disabled woman who tries to explain what is happening to him.

2. A man riding his bike through the woods encounters a wounded woman who transforms into the living dead. He is bitten by her and discovered by two fellow bikers and it quickly becomes a zombie epidemic.

3. A small film crew making a documentary about a local cult gets a lot more than they expected to see when they are allowed into the cult's compound to interview their leader.

4. A group of children and teenagers having a slumber party full of tricks and harmless pranks is crashed when a UFO lands and they meet aliens don't seem to be searching for friends.

I have seen many other people say this already, but #3 is by far the best of the entire movie and probably one of the best horror shorts I have seen in a long time. I don't want to ruin exactly what happens because it is just that good. It is the longest of the shorts and takes up a decent chunk of the movie and it is worth every second. 
#1 and #2 were alright. I think #2 was a lot better than #1. I love zombies in general, but this one was just great. The amount of satire and comedy that went into it was great. It was basically a zombie POV video and it was funny and original.
I think the weakest was #4. It felt like a home movie that would show up on Ridiculousness only it got crashed by aliens. That and the dead dog just killed it for me. They definitely didn't save the best for last.

One thing I will give V/H/S/2 is they made more of a story outside of the actual tapes. The first one was just a bunch of shaky cam with thieves who happen to find tapes. In this one the characters are actually invested in each other and there is an underlying plot aside from the tapes. The tapes actually have relevance to what happens with the private investigators and the student. I really liked that.

Overall this was a pretty good horror flick. It was a lot better than V/H/S in my opinion and is definitely worth a watch. It might surprise you.

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