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Sunday, June 16, 2013

True Blood "Who Are You, Really?" - Review

The sixth season of True Blood premiered this evening with "Who Are You, Really?" Was it worth the watch?

For me personally... no.

I have been a True Blood viewer since season one and haven't ever missed an episode since. Despite being an avid viewer I am the first person to say this show has a lot of problems and has been steadily going downhill for several seasons. From what I can tell from tonight's premiere it's only going to keep getting worse.
I think Alan Ball leaving the show has a lot to do with tonight's disappointment, but in all fairness it has been on a downward spiral since season three. I can't think of a story arc that I have really liked since season two. The characters have close to no development anymore and there are always (repeat, always) too many things going on at once. If it isn't something with Sookie it is Pam being forced to turn Tara or Andy knocking up a fairy or Lafayette seeing ghosts or whatever the hell is going on with the Authority or the government or Sam falling in love with yet another trainwreck or Alcide fighting with past friends... the list just goes on and on. I don't think I can even remember everything anymore.

But enough of complaining about the show in general.
Tonight we saw Bill basically become the full embodiment of Lilith, the vampire God (aka, Billith). He chases the gang through the Authority building as they escape and scatter to their separate ways. Jason disowns Sookie for choosing vampires over him, Eric and Nora give Sookie her house back and return to Bon Temps, Tara and Pam return to Fangtasia only to be ambushed by the cops, and Bill lures Jessica back to him and plays some crazy mind game to convince her he didn't understand what was happening to him. And, of course, on top of all that we have Andy, Arlene, and Terry trying to take care of all the fairy babies, Sam is dealing with the death of Luna and trying to keep her daughter safe, and Alcide is taking his full duties as pack master into his hands. *wipes brow*

I thought, as always, everything wasn't quite blending well and we have already had a lot of new characters introduced. They didn't do a very good job of both continuing on from the season finale last year or meshing the new characters. It all just gets thrown together and it's a mess. In order to full make this show tolerable again they should just kill off some of the characters with the annoying subplots. It's confusing.
I am honestly to the point where I might stop watching. 

Episode rating: C-

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