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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Monsters University - Review

Mike Wazowski follows his dream of being a scarer all the way to Monsters University where he meets his future scare partner, James P. Sullivan.

When I first heard that Pixar was making a Monsters Inc. film I thought, like everyone else, that it was going to be a sequel and was really looking forward to it. When I discovered that it was a prequel about Mike and Sully going to college I have to admit that I was initially turned off and really disappointed. I had high hopes for where they could have taken these characters and it got stomped on. However, after seeing more previews and promotion I got kind of excited and decided to give Monsters University a chance and I have to say that I did like it. I thought it was really funny and they did a good job mixing in characters from the previous movie into the prequel along with adding some really fun new characters.
As far as animation goes, I don't think it was necessarily the best Pixar has done but it was still pretty impressive. The detail in the monsters surpassed certain aspects of the first, I thought. None of the main characters looked the same so that was refreshing. They took the time to create many different monsters.
The plot surprised me a bit in terms of the actual flow of the movie. I liked how this movie was more for Mike and not so much Sully. From the way the previews looked it seemed that Mike would take the backseat to Sully once again but that wasn't the case. It was Mike's story and Sully was more of a supporting character. It shows how the two actually became friends and that was great.
One thing I do have to reiterate is how funny this movie is. I think this is probably the funniest movie Pixar has done yet and I enjoyed it a lot. Charlie Day's character had be on the floor at one point and a lot of the college-age antics they gave the monsters was hilarious. Definitely one for the kiddos.

Overall I would recommend Monsters University to anyone at any age. It is funny and has the typical good moral story at the bottom of it. It wasn't better than Monsters Inc. but it wasn't by any means bad. Very enjoyable.

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