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Friday, June 28, 2013

New trailer for The Conjuring features real family

The newest, and hopefully the last, trailer for The Conjuring features some unexpected guests. They would be none other than the Perron family (aka, the family the movie is based on). The new marketing tool is that it has taken the family 30-years to tell their story and they are backing the movie claiming it's all true. The real Lorraine Warren has also come out in support of the film and is now talking about how "real" her paranormal investigations are.

I have had real high hopes for The Conjuring since I saw the first trailer, but all of this new marketing is starting to ruin it for me. They're showing too much footage and saying too much. I will still see this, but my excitement level has decreased a little bit.

The Conjuring hits theaters on July 19th.

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