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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Barrens gets a DVD and theatrical release

Darren Lynn Bousman's newest film, The Barrens, finally has release dates. It will come out on DVD/Blu-Ray on October 9th and will have a limited theatrical engagement starting September 28th. A TUGG campaign for the theatrical distribution is being planned as well.

The Barrens stars Stephen Moyer, Shawn Ashmore, Mia Kirshner, Erik Knudsen, and J Larose. It is about "a man who takes his family on a camping trip to the more than 1 million acres of dense forest known as the New Jersey Pine Barrens, where he becomes convinced they’re being stalked by the legendary winged monster that looks like a deformed hybrid of several different animals."

I think it sounds interesting but they are stupid to think people will run around to find a theater carrying this movie when they can just wait a week and watch it on DVD. I know I will be waiting.

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