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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

UPDATE: Kristen Stewart drops out of Cali

EDIT: It appears this has been confirmed. A statement from the studio is set to appear shortly. It remains unknown if she will stay on as an executive producer of the film but it does seem that she has officially dropped out of the project in terms of being the leading lady. No official reason has been given yet.

Kristen Stewart has reportedly dropped out of the upcoming Nick Cassavetes film, Cali. She was announced for this movie a couple months ago. A couple weeks ago they announced Alex Pettyfer is playing Stewart's con-artist boyfriend. Along with this rumor is was reported that Amber Heard was approached as a possible replacement for Stewart.

I said before that I was a bit afraid of Cali but I have honestly gotten kinda excited. I like the plot and it sounds a like it could be a fun one to watch. This rumor breaks out due to Stewart's cheating scandal. According to sources (aka, traitor friends) she is "extremely depressed" after her fall out with Robert Pattinson and Rupert Sanders and simply doesn't want to do the film anymore. It was also reported that she was so depressed she wasn't showering but that's beside the point. I would hope she'd be a big girl and wouldn't let this take a toll on her career, and neither should Robert Pattinson, but you can't credit people for much of anything these days.

It also appears that she has dropped out of her scheduled appearance for the London premiere of On the Road. The gossip rags and sources (I apologize lol) are stating embarrassment and depression as the reason for the announcement. I guess it's good we won't get the film until December. This cheating thing might all be blown over by then. Not to mention the Twilight press will be over. Now that is a press tour worth paying attention to. Not for Twilight but for the laughs... if she even shows up. She could try and drop those appearances, too.
And while I'm at it I feel the need to mention that it was announced last week that Stewart was attached to the upcoming film adaptation of Lie Down in Darkness. I wasn't too happy about it so I guess at this point it's possible she might even drop that project as well. This girl seems to be willing to let her career get flushed over this thing.

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