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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Rumored: Ben Affleck to direct The Justice League?

It is rumored that Ben Affleck might be in the director's chair for the much anticipated DC Comics movie, The Justice League (aka, the movie that has never happened).Yes you read correctly... Ben Affleck.

This is extremely premature and I remind you it is only a rumor but I wouldn't get too excited or angry about this just yet. They have been talking about a Justice League movie for years and it was recently revisited a couple months ago by Warner Bros saying they might try and do what Marvel did with The Avengers and do individual character movies prior to The Justice League; a movie for The Flash, Wonder Woman, Superman (aka, Man of Steel), Green Lantern (remember Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan?) Aquaman, and yet another reboot of Batman. So far every recent attempt at Wonder Woman has failed with both TV and film, it's going to be damn hard to live up to the trilogy Christopher Nolan gave us for Batman, and does anyone really give a shit about seeing a Flash movie? The only one we really have coming up that could serve as a Justice League precursor is Man of Steel which will reintroduce Superman to everyone. Well, we had Green Lantern but that movie was awful. I didn't read a single good review for that movie.

Either way you look at it I don't think we'll have The Justice League for another 3-4 years if not longer. That is if it even happens.

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