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Monday, April 9, 2012

Another shameless plug for The Hunger Games

As I mentioned before, my buddy Cameron created a forum for The Hunger Games trilogy and we're trying to build up the membership. It's free and will be a lot of fun once we get some more members. If you are a fan of either the books or the movie, or both, come on and join. We don't bite.

The goal is to try and build it up similar to what House of Jigsaw was for the Saw franchise. That is actually how I met Cameron was through HOJ. We had VIP members on HOJ from the Saw franchise (James Wan, Darren Bousman, Leigh Whannell, Peter Outerbridge, Betsy Russell, etc.) and the other goal is to try and get VIP members from The Hunger Games. Cam is already trying to snag Jennifer Lawrence and we're trying to get some smaller characters as well. Hopefully once Catching Fire gets rolling we'll be able to build it up a bit more.

So please guys, if you want to discuss some Hunger Games with us come on and try it out. Hell, come and talk about anything with us. We have a subforum for general discussion. Once we get more members we will probably add some more subforums similar to what HOJ had (music, other movies, etc.). Don't be shy. =^D

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