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Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Lucky One - Review

The Lucky One is the newest book adaptation from Nicholas Sparks where a Marine travels to find the girl in a photo he found while serving in Iraq. He believes the photo is what kept him safe through the war. 

I don't think The Lucky One is as bad as critics are making it out to be. I read through some reactions on various websites and people are just having a field day with this one. For a Nicholas Sparks movie it was better than some others we have had and overall wasn't all that bad. As far as Sparks goes, this one is in my top 3 behind The Notebook and A Walk to Remember.

Do I think certain parts were rushed? Yes.
Do I think certain things could have been explained better? Yes.
Do I think the female lead was miscast? Yes.
Did I think most of Zac Efron's lines sounded like a Hallmark card? Yes.
The list does go on and on if you really want it to. However, you must remember that it is what it is. It is a sappy, romantic Nicholas Sparks story with a general weak plot and a hot male lead. Did The Last Song really have a strong plot with tremendous acting? Hell no. Was Dear John a miraculous movie with a solid script? No. For some reason it works with the target audience every time and people should just stop getting mad about it. Romance movies have a formula and filmmakers stick to it. Boy meets girl. Boy and girl fall in love. Something causes a rift in the relationship. Boy leaves to make girl happy. Girl goes running back to boy to kiss and live happily ever after. Period. End of story. Accept it for what it is.

I enjoyed it overall. For a romance movie it wasn't a bad one. I also enjoyed Zac Efron's biceps.
And yes, I cried. I haven't made it through a Sparks movie without crying yet.


  1. Thank you so much for your review on The Lucky One, it looks like my kind of movie. I love Nicolas Spark novels; I haven't read this one yet. I plan on watching this movie as soon as I get it in the mail; I ordered it off Blockbuster @Home. I have read a few good reviews on it and a co-worker at Dish even told me she really loved it. She also cried lol. I can't wait to watch it with my husband.

    1. My pleasure. This one was easy to review without spoiling it, lol.