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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

MTV revamping the Movie Awards format

I'll admit it, I usually watch the MTV Movie Awards every year. Although I must admit the last 3-4 years have been a bust due to the high popularity of Twilight and Harry Potter. Good movies always get ignored because of the Jersey Shore loving teenage girl crowd that MTV has. MTV president Stephen Friedman states,
"We want to make sure some of the unexpected, smaller, quirkier films have a chance." 
 In the attempt to do that, MTV is introducing "Academy voting" where directors and other people in the industry vote in categories. They are also introducing new categories and getting rid of some classic categories that have been around for a while.

New categories:
Best On-Screen Transformation
Best Music
Best Gut Wrenching Performance
Best Cast
Best On-Screen Dirt Bag

Retired Categories:
Best Villain
Best Scared as Shit Performance
Best Jaw Dropping Moment
Biggest Badass Star
Best Line From a Movie

MTV veteran Jesse Ignjatovic is also involved in this revamp of the show. His involvement is seemingly bringing the music back to the show. However, he stated...
"It’s not just about bringing more music to the show. It’s about integrating music and movies.”

Personally, I feel that the MTV awards shows in general have turned into a joke for the most part. The same movies and actors win every year and like I mentioned above, so many good movies get ignored and shafted when they don't deserve to be. Shows like this should try to introduce independent film to different audiences and give them something they might not have heard about or seen otherwise. That's what I would do. I guess it's pretty much a given for me to watch it this year just to see the changes in action. The 2012 MTV Movie Awards airs on June 3rd.

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