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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Battle: Los Angeles

So... this movie was fucking intense.

I will start by saying that I did really like it. I was disappointed to see the negative reviews it received and I don't really think they were justified. The story wasn't necessarily centered around the alien takeover, as I was anticipating. It was more centered around the one company of Marines you are following and its members. I found it to be very pro-military which I loved. I work for the military so anything that takes the initiative to respectfully show them on top, as they should be, is a good thing.
They could have focused on why the aliens came to Earth in the first place, but that was pretty much my only complaint. They touch on the fact that they come for our water supply but they just leave it at that. They were using our water, mostly from the ocean, to fuel their ships and weapons. You do see the aliens but not really up close in too much detail. They seemed to have tentacles of some sort and float in the air. It was near impossible to kill them without blowing them up, too.

The special effects were spectacular. Far better than the ones used in District 9. The sound design was also incredible. I could feel my chest shaking when the main alien control ship started lifting out of the ground.

Seriously good movie. I would check it out.

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