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Saturday, March 5, 2011


Lol @ Mike Huckabee and Michael Medved criticizing Natalie Portman for getting pregnant outside of marriage. Of all the Hollywood stars doing God knows what they chose to criticize that of all things. What about Charlie Sheen acting like a complete crackhead in on national TV describing how he smokes rocks all by himself and getting busted beating up hookers and porn stars? What about Lindsay Lohan constantly getting arrested on drug and alcohol charges and not staying in jail like any normal person would? What about all of Paris Hilton's DUI charges and blow job tapes? Seriously, guys... Out of all that they say Natalie Portman is the one setting a bad example. It's time for these politicians to really start picking their battles more wisely.
Seeing that Natalie Portman is almost 30 years old I would say she is capable of making her own decisions. Not to mention she's been in a relationship with her fiance for two years and they are now engaged to be married, she is hardly a single mother. Whether her pregnancy was planned or not isn't relevant. What they should have been complimenting her on was the fact that she chose to have her baby and is going to marry its father. I thought that's what they were pushing for? Traditional families who have babies and get married. ha ha ha ha ha.

This all just made me laugh. What made me laugh more was my mom trying to justify the statement and defend Huckabee when we read the articles.

In other news, I am seriously debating for the first time on getting an Xbox 360. The more I see about the Kinect the more I kind of want it. The idea of not having to hold a controller is pretty awesome.

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