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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

127 Hours

Let me just say that this movie surprised me almost 100%. I was expecting it to be boring and yet another typical story of survival. I'm glad I was wrong.

Despite watching one actor for practically the whole movie it really keeps you into what's going on. I will admit I got restless at some point wanting to see something other than James Franco, a water bottle, and a giant rock but that is the beauty of film. The emotion the character felt of being restless seeing nothing but a giant rock for 127 hours relayed onto the audience.
I still haven't seen True Grit, Biutiful, or The King's Speech but I am curious to see how close James Franco got to winning Best Actor at the Academy Awards. He did a phenomenal job.

If anyone hasn't seen 127 Hours yet I suggest giving it a shot. It is a very mentally intense film and it is amazing that he survived. The fact that it's based on a true story, and the real Aron Ralston praised the accuracy, is just unbelievable. I just was in awe after really thinking about it.
And just to say... people bitching about how gruesome the arm cutting scene was need to see more horror movies. That was tame compared to a lot of the things I have seen on film. Knowing it really happened is what made it horrific, I suppose.

Pick it up on DVD and watch it. Hell, rent it on iTunes for $3. That's what I did.

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  1. i totally loved the movie, i'm still sad it did not get an oscar.