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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Love & Other Drugs

I figured I would give this movie a shot. People kept saying how funny it was and that it was cute... Basically all this movie had going for it was a couple funny moments, specifically Jake Gyllenhaal's brother, and Anne Hathaway's tits. Not to mention the fact that you first see them about 20 minutes into the movie. I would guess they have a good 10 minutes of total screen time. For a two hour movie that's pretty substantial considering she doesn't appear until that 20 minute mark. While watching The Princess Diaries all those years ago I never would have guessed that I would see her naked so much in the future; Havoc, Brokeback Mountain, and now this one. I'm hoping Christopher Nolan has her keep her clothes on for Dark Knight Rises. I don't know how much of naked Anne I can take.

But back on the subject of the movie... it's a typical romantic comedy. Couple gets together reluctantly because one person doesn't really want a relationship, they stay together for a while, something causes a rift, they split up, then one of them goes running back to fix everything, everything is fixed, and they live happily ever after. This was another like No Strings Attached in the sense that it gives false illusion that the bitchy girl will actually get what she wants and stay away from the relationship. However, it is suddenly halted by a sweet guy who says the right thing to make her melt. It's such bullshit but what else can you expect.

Worth a watch for the laughs but I wouldn't say it was a favorite. I probably won't watch it again unless it's on HBO and I'm bored.

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