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Monday, March 21, 2011

AT&T apparently buying T-Mobile

Really, really sucks. Prices on plans will go up, variety of plans will decrease, no more unlimited data plans/packages, etc.. The only advantage will be a better phone selection, but I personally couldn't give a shit about phone selection. They're phones.

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  1. obviously i heard about this on television, too, considering T-Mobile being a company in my country. They lost too much in the USA and probably get more money when they just get parts from ATT by letting them eat their whole western area. Both companies got massive back up on the financial stock market though. For the american customer it may not be the best thing though, like you already pointed out. For europeans it only means they will catch up and maybe make their stuff better to attract more customers and widen their european base. now my comment was longer than your original post, but fuck that i wanted to give my two cents haha :D greets