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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Is Robert Pattinson the new Indiana Jones?

Please note this is just a rumor. A very sad, revolting rumor.

The Daily Star in Britain is claiming that Disney is considering Robert Pattinson for the role of Indiana Jones in a new franchise. If this is true, he would be replacing Harrison Ford in the iconic role. The tabloid is insisting that Disney is seeking a young star to exercise the long-term options of the franchise and Pattinson is on the top of the list because he has proved himself beyond the Twilight franchise.
It is no secret that Disney is interested in continuing or rebooting the Indiana Jones franchise. They shelled out a ridiculous amount of money to buy the rights from Paramount and acquired a bit of the franchise with the purchase of Lucasfilm. Not to mention the Indiana Jones rides inside the Disney theme parks. However, Robert Pattinson does not belong in this franchise. Sure he looks scruffy but that is because he apparently doesn't like to shave and looks like he never showers.

It was previously rumored that Bradley Cooper was being considered for the role but nothing has come of that just yet. Pattinson is too young and just doesn't seem rugged enough. Plus, if his desire was to back away from being nothing but a franchise actor he shouldn't accept this deal or go anywhere near it. At least we hope so.

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