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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The real reason behind Jupiter Ascending's delay

I don't think it necessarily disappointed anyone that the newest Wachowski Siblings film, Jupiter Ascending, was unexpectedly delayed but we now have some information as to why it was.

According to Yahoo! Movies, the studio decided to scrap the July 2014 opening after test screenings documented a large number of complaints about the film's incomplete digital effects and wacky plot. WB President of Worldwide Marketing and Distribution Sue Kroll and other film executives also saw the film and decided it wasn't quite ready for release.
Jupiter Ascending is already sitting on a $175 million budget and the cost of the fixes that need to be made and general marketing costs to delaying a film is no doubt going to skyrocket it even higher. The estimated figure for the new worldwide marketing alone is $100 million. Not to mention the film already has gone through two reshoot schedules this past January and April to clarify plot points and gain extra footage.

This isn't the first time Warner Bros. has delayed a film feeling it wasn't quite completed. Studios have recently become more apt to delay a film, despite the ridiculous cost to the studio, to ensure a better product in the end. The CEO of Framestore, who did the effects for Jupiter Ascending, backed this up citing examples such as Gravity and 300: Rise of an Empire. Gravity was completed a year prior to its release and 300 was delayed several months as the studio received complaints that the film's effects were not ready.
Warner Bros. no doubt remains hopeful that this delay will gain more interest for Jupiter Ascending. I saw a preview for this before Godzilla and I thought it looked ridiculously stupid. The effects looked bad and I'm sorry, but Channing Tatum shouldn't be in a film like this.
It also is leaving a big gap in the schedule for the studio's films. Godzilla did well, but both Blended and Edge of Tomorrow did not do as well as expected. Edge of Tomorrow isn't even close to breaking even on its $175 million budget. This also hurts the Wachowski's as their previous two films (Speed Racer and Cloud Atlas) were complete bombs at the box office. Jupiter Ascending was supposed to be their big return to the sci-fi genre.

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