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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

[Rumor] Oscar Isaac to make up for lack of Han Solo

The Star Wars rumors just keep on trucking along.

The newest thing to hit is that Oscar Isaac's role is going to be expanded to make up for a lack of Harrison Ford in Episode VII. Due to Ford's injury sustained on set, the script has gone through a minor rewrite to expand other characters to make up for his absence. The initial info we got was that Han Solo was a major character and was going to be in the film a lot. But, with Ford's injury keeping him sidelined for at least 8-weeks it is very possible that instead of delaying production they just decided to expand other characters.
What this says to me, if it's true, is that Isaac's character is on Solo's side. If he's taking over some of the responsibilities that would have been on Ford I assume their characters must be pretty similar or it wouldn't work.

Other sources are claiming that Isaac won't take on more responsibilities but that production is just shifting the order of things to save a majority of Ford's scenes until later on. Basically... what was set to be filmed later will be filmed sooner and vice versa.


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