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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Did Warner Bros' Comic-Con plans just leak?

According to a source, Warner Bros. plans for Comic-Con have leaked a bit early. All I have to say is if this is true they are showing their desperation and showing it hard.

Apparently, the plan was to announce the release dates for upcoming DC Comics films at SDCC and to announce certain team-ups and pretty much confirm that Justice League is filming back to back with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Also, a hint that BvS might not be a Man of Steel sequel after all. Here is the "leaked" schedule:

  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will kick things off in May 2016
  • Shazam will be released in July 2016
  • Sandman will round out 2016 with a Christmas release
  • Justice League kicks off 2017 in May
  • Wonder Woman gets her own film in July 2017
  • Green Lantern and The Flash team up for a film at Christmas 2017
  • Man of Steel 2 hits theaters in May 2018

Along with this, the leak includes that  the reason BvS was delayed was so Warner Bros. could finalize contracts with actors so there can be numerous Justice League cameos in the film as a lead into the remaining 2017 films.
This all is very crammed and close together, but it isn't out of the realm of possibility. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is already attached to star in a Neil Gaiman adaptation of Sandman, so seeing a 2016 release date for that isn't too surprising. However, we have heard absolutely nothing about Shazam so that very well could be WB's big announcement at SDCC. In order for all of this to be announced with any substance, WB is no doubt rushing to finalize even more contracts to go with the announcement.
Previous rumors included a 2016 release for a Suicide Squad film, but that was apparently scrapped by the studio.

One major thing missing from this list, if it is indeed real, is a standalone Batman film. Ben Affleck has signed a multi-film contract, but there was no info on whether it was mainly as a supporting role or if he would star in a separate Batman film.
It was also included that Ryan Reynolds will not be reprising his role as Green Lantern, so they will be starting from scratch there. We already have Wonder Woman cast, so I guess we can expect to see what Gal Gadot can do on her own. We don't have any further casting regarding the Justice League or The Flash so that should be coming soon even if the solo movies are bullshit.

This is one hell of a schedule. We will see if there is any substance to all this in about a month.

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