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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Amazon suspends pre-orders for Warner Bros merchandise

Unfortunately if you wanted to pre-order some Warner Bros. titles on Amazon you will have difficulty. The online marketplace has suspended pre-orders, including The Lego Movie, over contract and pricing disputes.

This isn't the first standoff Amazon has had recently as they have suspended sales and pre-orders of Hachette Book Group merchandise. However, this might backfire as the new JK Rowling book is set for release soon. That is no doubt a potential cash cow for Amazon seeing that they are basically telling consumers to buy elsewhere. They have also halted business with the Bonnier Media Group in Germany.
In addition to suspending the pre-orders for The Lego Movie they have also suspended sales of 300: Rise of an Empire, Transcendence, and Winter's Tale. This is basically an attempt by Amazon to gain leverage against Warner Bros. You can still purchase select Warner Bros. titles that are older releases and Amazon Instant Video is still up and running, but good luck finding any new titles. The Lego Movie isn't listed in new releases nor in the Kids and Family section and it is projected to be one of the highest selling home releases of 2014.

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