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Monday, June 16, 2014

[Updated] Steve Martin to return for Father of the Bride 3

Steve Martin is apparently returning to the loveable nutcase George Banks for a third installment of Father of the Bride. The first film, also starring Diane Keaton and Kimberly Williams-Paisley, came out over 20-years ago and had a sequel released in 1995. It was a 90's remake of the 1950 film about a father's financial and emotional struggles over his daughter getting married. This twist for this upcoming wedding is the bride is now Banks' gay son, Matty.

Matty Banks was originally played by Kieran Culkin and if he returns this wouldn't be the first time he has portrayed a gay character. He was Scott Pilgrim's cool gay roommate Wallace Wells in Scott Pilgrim vs The World. The buzz on this new story is about George's struggle with his son marrying a Navy SEAL's son. He acts so out of sorts that Nina (played by Diane Keaton) kicks him out of the house.
There is no telling whether this is actually happening and if all the original cast members would return. In order to attempt the same charm we would no doubt have to see Franck and Howard (aka, Martin Short and B.D. Wong) organize yet another event for the Banks family.

I thought the two Father of the Bride movies were funny as hell and I still get laughs out of them if I watch them now. However, I think this is rather stupid. I'm not a very political person or anything like that, but this seems like another desperate attempt by Hollywood to prove that they are LGBT friendly. Add in the recent confirmation that Gobber from How to Train Your Dragon 2 is gay (plus the gay jock brother in ParaNorman) it just keeps pushing along. Plus, wouldn't the title "Father of the Bride" be rather offensive? Shouldn't it be Father of the Groom?
Not to mention Father of the Bride Part 2 is just about 20-years old meaning the child that Annie and Brian had is college-aged and might even be grandparents already. Hell, the child that George and Nina had would be the same age. The timeline is just lame and there is absolutely no reason to make another film. I am not on board with this.

UPDATE:  This was news to Steve Martin as well and he pretty much shot this down as a rumor. He posted on Twitter, "So excited to read I'm doing Father of the Bride 3 since I haven't seen a script or been offered the role!"

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