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Monday, June 23, 2014

Star Wars Episode VII could be delayed

Disney has been pretty insistent that Episode VII will make its December 2015 release date despite the injury to Harrison Ford. New rumors circling around the project are contradicting this saying it's very likely the film won't make the release date.

Harrison Ford was released from a London hospital today after receiving surgery for a broken leg sustained on the set. We learned last week that the injury would sideline Ford for a minimum of 8 weeks. Disney immediately came out to make a statement saying the release date was not in jeopardy and that filming was set to resume as normal. ScreenCrush is claiming that a production meeting in England raised concerns and proposed a delay of the film's release to allow Ford proper time to recuperate.
Disney has not commented on this incident again, so take this as a rumor. Either way there is bound to be some scheduling issues with Ford out of the picture for two months. He apparently had a major role in the film, so unless they can do a quick re-write to incorporate the injury or back-off his involvement, I'm sure the usage of body doubles is bound to happen unless they are willing to delay production.

This isn't the first time this has happened, either. As many online are stating, a similar event happened during filming of Iron Man 3 when Robert Downey Jr. broke his ankle on set. Filming shut down for a week and then resumed with the usage of body doubles for wide shots and scenes that didn't involve Downey so he could heal as much as possible.
If they do wind up having to delay the release it would be somewhat funny and ironic because director J.J. Abrams initially had squabbles with Disney over the release date. He claimed a December 2015 release was too quick and they needed to delay to 2016. If they slap a delay on Episode VII I don't think Abrams will necessarily be unhappy. It might be a blessing in disguise.

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