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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

CBS passes on How I Met Your Mother spin-off

How I Met Your Dad was a potential series that got a lot of people excited, even after the disappointing series finale of How I Met Your Mother. The series was set to air on CBS. The keyword is: was.

CBS has passed on the show after the pilot airing thus leaving the series available for another network to pick it up. It was to star Greta Gerwig and be narrated by Meg Ryan. CBS network chairman Nina Tassler explained that there were just too many elements in the pilot episode that didn't work out which eventually led to the network passing on the show. It has already been rumored that in an attempt to keep this popular franchise with CBS that they would essentially redo the pilot and try again, but Tassler insists that isn't happening. She did, however, state that CBS is potentially interested in shopping around for another network to pick up the show. Might as well make some money while you're at it.

Despite all of this, I wouldn't be too convinced that this won't still show up on CBS at some point. The network is notorious for re-shooting pilot episodes including pilots for Big Bang Theory, Numb3rs, and The McCarthys. They won't really say exactly which elements didn't work for them, but I am pretty sure it's not anything that couldn't be fixed.


  1. im disappointed, i was actually excited for this even though it's probably going to be very silly and not different from most sitcoms. i just really like greta i guess. have a nice day!

    1. I never was a fan of How I Met Your Mother, but I am somewhat surprised they couldn't capitalize on the brand. It does nothing but show weakness.