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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Drew Goddard exits Daredevil series

Marvel must be acting like a bunch of assholes with these upcoming projects as they have lost a second director in two days. Drew Goddard has exited the upcoming Marvel/Netflix series Daredevil citing creative differences.

Goddard was set to write, direct, and produce a 13-episode run for Daredevil which was slated to debut on Netflix sometime next year. There are also rumors of Zac Efron being brought in for the title role, but that is just a rumor. Goddard's replacement has already been announced to be Steven S. DeKnight. He is most known for the television adaptation of Spartacus.
Many are thinking that creative differences weren't the biggest issue, but that Goddard has also been hired to write the screenplay for the Sinister Six movie as well as direct the film. The thought is that Sony didn't think Goddard could properly split his time between Sinister Six and Daredevil. Again, that is just word on the street.

Either way, I think this goes to show that the creative input from Marvel Studios isn't going over too well at the current moment. Along with the departure of Goddard, the studio lost Edgar Wright yesterday due to creative differences. Apparently Marvel was putting Ant-Man into rewrites without Wright's input or permission and he felt uncomfortable with said rewrites. With the way the Marvel Cinematic Universe is unfolding I wouldn't put it past the studio to try and insert certain characters or arcs into each movie as a setup for the next rather than just have a great superhero film. I like the MCU but I'm not that much of a fangirl to overlook the fact that some things are put in just to set something up for another movie.

Could this have been the issue with Daredevil? Only time will tell.

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