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Friday, May 23, 2014

Edgar Wright drops out of Ant-Man over creative differences

This is so sad.

Director Edgar Wright is almost solely responsible for the upcoming Ant-Man film set to kick off Marvel Phase Three next year. We now have news that he has left the project due to creative differences with Marvel Studios.
This apparently will not change the 2015 release date as a new director will apparently be announced soon. Apparently the film Marvel wants to make zeroes in more on Ant-Man's origin and that is not something Wright wanted to do. It is also not what he wrote the script for either, so I won't be surprised if there is a rewrite happening along with this.

This is very surprising and confusing as Wright has been attached to this for several years already. Along the way he has been constantly altering the script and has even shot test footage. That was, mind you, all before Marvel hired him on in the first place so they knew what they were getting into. I can't help but wonder what went sour.

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