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Monday, May 12, 2014

Fox sets Gotham for Mondays; shifts schedule for new shows

Fox has shifted their television schedule a bit to fit in the new Batman origins series, Gotham, as well as a new comedy series titled Mulaney.

Gotham will be joining Sleepy Hollow on Monday nights beginning at 8pm. This put two rather dark-genre shows together in the same night. Gotham will air before Sleepy Hollow and each will last one hour.

Several other new shows including Mulaney, Utopia, Red Band Society, and Gracepoint have caused schedule shifts:

  • The Andy Samberg comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been moved to Sunday along with The Simpsons, Bob's Burgers, and American Dad. Mulaney has also been given a Sunday slot after Family Guy.
  • The Gordon Ramsay cooking show, Hell's Kitchen, has been shifted from Thursdays to Wednesdays and is now paired with Red Band Society.
  • Utopia apparently will be airing twice a week. It has been paired with New Girl and The Mindy Project on Tuesdays and with the new installment of Masterchef on Fridays.
  • Gracepoint will debut alongside Bones on Thursdays.

Personally, I don't take television schedules like this very seriously for the sheer fact that the average lifespan of a show these days seems to be 1-2 seasons. If a show is lucky it will get a third season before being axed. Out of the new shows I think the most popular bet is Gotham because of the superhero craze, but it depends on how good it is. The trailer looked pretty lousy so I'm not counting on it.

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