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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Scout Taylor-Compton teases Halloween return

We learned that yet another Halloween movie was in the works the other day and there was immediate speculation on whether it will be another reboot or a third installment based on Rob Zombie's reboot and sequel. Well, the star of Zombie's take on the franchise has begun teasing everyone on Twitter. Whether she has any credit remains unknown.

Scout Taylor-Compton portrayed the nerdy high school babysitter Laurie Strode in both Zombie installments and has gone to Twitter and teased that she "can't wait to jump back into Laurie Strodes mindset." Now if this turns out to be a somewhat subtle casting announcement pretty much seals the deal that Halloween 3D will be a third installment of the Zombie reboot.
Just keep in mind that the last Halloween movie we got was in 2009, so she very well could be full of shit. BUT, given the way H2 ended I have an idea on what they might be doing with her. I would rather not say it in too much detail, but if you saw H2 you would agree with me that we very well could see her put on a Michael Myers mask at some point.

Whatever happens with this it should prove to be either very interesting or something that will mean nothing. If they continue Laurie Strode with Scout Taylor-Compton I won't be upset, I guess. She played a believable enough, modern version of the character.

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