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Saturday, July 20, 2013

SDCC: Justice League to hit in 2017; Flash planned for 2016

WB has announced their movie plans for the DC universe after several stalls regarding Justice League and the future of all the characters. What we know as of right now is:

A Batman/Superman movie will hit in 2015 in what is described as the sequel to Man of Steel. It is expected that Henry Cavill, Zack Snyder, and Christopher Nolan will all return and I'm sure we will see more information on who will be the new Batman before too long.
In addition to the Man of Steel continuation, we will have a Flash movie in 2016 that will lead into the Justice League movie in 2017.

Now... This is all still just planning. It was pretty much announced at Comic-Con that this will happen but I am still not holding my breath. As of right now this is all we have and for the few DC fans out there that actually give a crap about this, you're welcome.

[UPDATE] Zack Snyder officially announced the Batman/Superman World's Finest storyline at Comic-Con on Saturday, July 20th. Fans are basically peeing themselves all over the internet because this is finally happening.

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