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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The CW developing The Flash; puts Wonder Woman on hold

The CW seems to be enjoying their recent hit Arrow as they have announced they are developing a new series, The Flash, from the creators of Arrow. Barry Allen (aka, The Flash) will be introduced in Arrow and will then spin-off with his own series.
With this it does appear that The CW is looking to bank on their own mini-DC universe, but it still won't include Wonder Woman. At least not yet. With the announcement of The Flash, The CW has put Wonder Woman on hold. The network previously tried to lift the character from the ashes but the potential series never made it to a pilot episode. We also can't remember The CW (previously the WB Network) had a smashing success with Smallville which was based on Superman.

What is curious about this is how or if The Flash series will play into the planned movie set for 2016. At Comic-Con the studios had announced their plans to have Batman vs. Superman out by 2016 and Justice League by 2017 with The Flash squished in between the two in 2016. WB produces and oversees The CW so it's not like this television series is happening without their knowledge. They will either find a way to tie the show into the movie or will have two completely different interpretations and stories going at the same time.

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