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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Evil Dead sequel to give homage to 80's horror

Back in March at the SXSW premiere of his Evil Dead reboot, director Fede Alvarez announced a sequel was in the planning stages. Since the film has been released on DVD (today to be exact) Alvarez has begun to discuss the sequel a bit more.

Alvarez said they are still working with Sam Raimi and discussing exactly what they want to do with the sequel. He also said being a child of the 80's, he likes the idea of not knowing what is going on unless you have seen the first movie. He wants to take one character and move on to continue the story, not create a brand new one based on the premise of the first movie.
However, he does understand that it is easier said than done. The reality of sequels these days is just taking the storyline concept and throwing new characters into the same kind of environment. The other idea is to throw a new group of friends into the cabin and re-introduce the book.

It is assumed that Fede Alvarez will return to direct Evil Dead 2, but that isn't confirmed. Right now he is on board purely as a writer. If he doesn't wind up directing I assume that he will also be brought on as a producer alongside Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell.


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