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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Christopher Nolan rumored to have "taken over" the DC Universe

There are a couple highlights to this topic. First of all, this is all rumor as of right now so don't take anything seriously.

The rumor is that Christopher Nolan has pretty much taken over the DC Universe when it comes to the movies. He already has had his own Batman trilogy and is a producer for the upcoming Superman movie, Man of Steel, which is directed by Zack Snyder. With this power it has apparently been said that Nolan could and probably will be producing the Justice League movie. Also speaking of Snyder, it is also rumored that due to Nolan's involvement that Snyder is first in line to direct.
What else? To add the cherry on top of all this they are supposedly trying to get Christian Bale to return to play Batman for Justice League and join Henry Cavill who will return as Superman.

Alright... I just want to say that I do love what Nolan did with Batman, but making his style the only path for any future DC movies is foolish. The whole "dark and gritty realism" approach isn't possible for every superhero. It worked for Batman simply because despite being a comic book hero, Batman has no super powers. He is nothing but a rich guy with a bunch of cool gadgets and a taste for justice. There are genuine super powers at play with the other Justice League characters and the realism approach would not get the job done. Of course we all have to wait until Man of Steel comes out to really see for sure, but even that wouldn't really be the true test because it is still centered around one main character. 
As far as Zack Snyder goes I think Man of Steel will be the true testament to his abilities. I liked 300 for what it was worth (meaning the visuals and a couple quotable lines) and I liked Watchmen for the most part, but he fell flat on his face with Sucker Punch. Holy crap, that movie was terrible. The guy can't write for shit and he relies on CGI to get him through every single movie. I appreciate visual directors but there comes a point where it gets ridiculous. As far as I understand Man of Steel is no different in regards to the VFX as I read the other day that Superman's cape is CGI throughout most of the movie. I let out a big sigh, shook my head, and moved on with my day.
The whole bringing Bale back as Batman scenario is ridiculous, as well. Not only has Christian Bale said himself that he is done with Batman, but I think stretching him into yet another movie would be too much especially after the somewhat so-so reviews and reception of The Dark Knight Rises. Not saying it was a bad movie, but there were a lot of people out there that didn't like it as much as they were expecting or only said it was good simply because they loved The Dark Knight so much and felt like they had to say they liked Rises just as much. Not to mention the fact that if they tied Justice League into the previous Batman storyline there would be a lot of explaining to do with the way The Dark Knight Rises ended. Just saying.
Like I said, I loved Nolan's trilogy but there were things about Bale's performance that I never really liked too much. It must be said that if he does return to do Batman at least once more I don't think I can take another movie with that ridiculous batman voice. It's like listening to a heavy metal song with just vocals. I think Christian Bale wants to move on with his career and do more than just Batman movies and they should let him. Do what DC has done since Batman appeared on screen... re-cast him every couple of movies. Plus, if they bring him back it won't just be for one movie. It would probably be a multi-movie deal and I don't think Bale would be up for 2-3 more Batman jobs.

Now there is another possible way this could go and it is being predicted by some. It is possible that there could be a movie based on World's Finest (aka, a movie with just Batman and Superman) before the full Justice League movie. This is a stupid idea due to what I mentioned earlier; the way The Dark Knight Rises ended would have to either be completely flipped upside down or they would have to find a way to make Bruce have the change of heart to return. It just makes no sense. To have it happen would ruin a lot of things.

Either way this gets spun it's just more evidence that Warner Bros. sucks at this whole comic book thing. They are running around like chickens with their heads cut off. They are trying to compete with Marvel and they don't know how to mimic the success because, let's face it, DC characters and story arcs are not as good as Marvel's are. It is impossible to create the same type of thing with another catalog. As it stands Justice League is depending on the success of Man of Steel anyway, so we will have to wait and see. If Man of Steel is as good as some people are saying it is then we might actually have to witness this happen. They just need to stop while they are behind, imo.

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