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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Gil Kenan will direct Poltergeist remake

We all knew MGM was remaking Poltergeist and previously the rumor was that Sam Raimi (Evil Dead, Spiderman) was going to direct the attempt. Deadline confirmed that isn't the case although Raimi is producing. Instead we will have Gil Kenan (Monster House) directing the remake of one of the most classic horror films. Kenan is still fairly new as his credits only include Monster House, in which he earned an Oscar nomination, and City of Ember.
So far the writing credits for Poltergeist include Scott Derrickson (Sinister), David Lindsay-Abaire (Oz: The Great and Powerful), Juliet Snowden (The Possession), Stiles White (Boogeyman), and Paul Harris Boardman (The Exorcism of Emily Rose). That is quite the list.

I personally have never been a huge Poltergeist fan so this remake actually doesn't bother me so much. I also enjoyed Monster House, so it will be interesting to see what elements Kenan will bring.

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