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Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday news for X-Men; Halle Berry confirmed to return

Couple things for X-Men: Days of Future Past today.

1. Halle Berry has been officially confirmed to return to reprise the role of Storm. It was rumored before but now it's official. This also adds to the speculation of which role Omar Sy will be playing. The guess is he will play Bishop who is pretty closely tied with Storm. There is no telling how much screentime Storm will have or in what situation she is returning at this time.

2. Jennifer Lawrence doesn't have to worry about being painted blue from head to toe this time around. It was revealed that Mystique's look will be a body suit this time around. The suit will cover Lawrence's body from the neck down. The change is evidently due to the time it took to apply the makeup to Lawrence (8 hours a day) and also the fact that she broke out in rashes and boils due to the makeup.

So yeah... Storm is returning and Mystique will be a suit.

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