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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sony announces the PlayStation 4

Just because I have always preferred the PS to any other gaming device. Yeah I said it. The Xbox can suck it.

Sony announced at an NY event today that their next gaming console will be the PlayStation 4. This is the next major console following the PlayStation 3 which was released in 2006.
The PS4 will be equipped with an x86 processor with 8 CPU's, enhanced GPU, and 8GB of RAM. It also will introduce the "Dualshock 4" controller which has a share button, a 3D camera for easier tracking, and a touchpad. Also with the new DS4 controller you will be able to take charge of another controller to help friends when they are stuck on a game.
Among the new features the PS4 will also have a new sleep function which will allow the console to stay in a low power state when not in use and allowing it to boot right back up where you left off. This eliminates having to turn the system on from scratch and see the reboot screen whenever you turn the console on. Social media will also be integrated into the PS4 with the revamping of the PlayStation Network and additions of Facebook features and more active sharing which to me sounds similar to Xbox Live.

HOWEVER... so far it doesn't seem like you will be able to play your beloved PS3 games on the PS4. Well, not the discs. You apparently will be able to stream any PS1, PS2, PS3, and PS Vita game on the PS4, but it is just that. You can stream which means there will probably be a service introduced where you can pay to stream various games, that you already own, on your console. That is a major downside, imo.

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