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Monday, July 28, 2014

What we didn't get at SDCC this year

San Diego Comic-Con was full of surprises and footage, as always, but there is still a decent amount of things that fans expected to happen that simply didn't. Here are some of the things I can think of that were absent from SDCC that either should have been there or I assumed would be there and just weren't.

1. We got nothing for Justice League

I understand Justice League is still a few years away, but I honestly expected some kind of teaser for it. A photo, a logo... something. Don't get me wrong, I managed to see a leak of the BvS footage and it looked great but I expected something for Justice League.

2. No information on future DC films

We all saw that "leak" of Warner Bros' schedule for DC films that was leaked as a Comic-Con reveal. The basic fact of it is that it didn't happen. We didn't get any confirmation of release dates, future character movies, or crossovers. It was another thing that was expected but we didn't get it.

3. No footage for Jurassic World

Most of us expected at least a teaser for Jurassic World and it did not happen. The most we got for the fourth installment was the vehicle and the posters. Universal chose to tease test footage for Skull Island and announce Godzilla 2 instead.

4. No information on Marvel's massive schedule

Sure, we got a release date for Guardians of the Galaxy 2, but we didn't get anything else. I was expecting Marvel to reveal some more release dates and do something similar to what we got last year. Marvel didn't close out Hall H with the big bang they usually do.

5. Nothing on Doctor Strange

Along with Marvel's kind of disappointing weekend, we didn't get anything regarding Doctor Strange. The role hasn't been cast yet but we have a release date and a director. I assumed we would at least get a logo.

6. Nothing for Fantastic Four

Yet another thing most people expected to be present at SDCC was completely missing. We got nothing for the reboot of Fantastic Four. I don't see any reasoning seeing that they already have a cast and everything.

Aside from not having panels for things like Mockingjay - Part 1 there were a lot of surprises this year and not all of them were good. I'm a bit disappointed with SDCC this year because it doesn't feel like we got a lot of major announcements. It was mostly panels for stuff we already knew about. There was a serious lack of excitement for the future of franchises.

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