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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Deliver Us from Evil - Review

After an NYPD detective is called to the scene of an unusual crime inside the Bronx Zoo, a bigger story begins to unfold revealing demons and how they lure in their prey. He teams up with a priest to unfold the mystery but it soon begins affecting his work, his family, and his mind in Deliver Us from Evil.

I won't say I was really excited for this movie because I wasn't. I saw a trailer for it earlier this year and figured I would give it a shot when it was released. Now that I have seen it I wouldn't say it was bad but it wasn't great either. Just another typical possession movie to me.

I think the basics of it is there were a lot of loose ends. Once you start uncovering the demons and how the people were linked together, a lot of the events began to feel a bit trivial. Certain people die and you're left there just kind of wondering what happened next. There were also some characters that completely disappeared out of nowhere and weren't seen again. My questions are [spoilers beware]:

1. Why was Santino's face painted all the time? That shit isn't USMC approved.
2. What happened to Jimmy's wife and daughter? They just randomly disappeared.
3. Was no one upset that Sarchie's partner was killed?
4. How exactly was Mendoza allowed to be a practicing priest? Given the fact that he was an "undercover" priest I kind of got the feeling he was lying to Sarchie about not being excommunicated.
5. Did no one ever mention the interrogation tape recording the exorcism of Santino? Not only that, what about the officer watching behind the glass? You know he had some questions asked.
6. Did no one at the police department mention the dead doctor at the psych ward or the missing woman?
7. Better yet, how did the woman even get out of the psych ward? You mean to tell me there was literally only one staff member on duty in this entire hospital? 

Loose ends. It was the loose ends that got me here. The story and the overall plot wasn't bad but the little things like that just got me.

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